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A Shy Robot Asks You to Come to Our Office For Lunch

Posted on 08 Jun 2012 in Baby Roblog | Comments Off

Hey girl, we’re hosting a lunch and learn at our offices on Friday, June 15th, and you know, if you’re free, we’d think it was pretty cool if you wanted to go to it with us. I mean, if you aren’t busy. Not that you wouldn’t be busy, I mean, I’m sure someone like you has lots going on, I’m just saying, you know, if you wanted to go, it would probably be cool.

We’ve got like, 3 guest speakers. Our own marketing extraordinnaire Bunny Mcintosh, Scoutmob’s social media guru Nicole Jayne, and Morris, Manning & Martin’s engagement expert Melanie Touchstone. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, and like, you’ll get free lunch, and, I don’t know, maybe we could spend some time just getting to know each other. If that’s cool with you, of course.

Afterwards, a bunch of us are going to a Braves game. The Baby Robot team is grilling out in the Blue lot, and we’ve got a lot of beers, which, I mean, if you like beer, would be really cool. We’ll have Braves tickets for everyone at lunch, and probably some leftover for those that can only make the tailgate. Whatever is best for you; just lunch, just the tailgate, just the game, it’s cool. Lots of other people will be at the game, like, 39,900 other people. So like, we don’t have to go together, but we’d be there, you know, at the same time.

Check out this sweet invite:

So [link url=]hit the link[/link] for details about the guests and to RSVP, if you feel like it. We’ve got limited spots, but we’ll keep one open for you, I promise. If you can’t make this one, maybe we can meet up at the next one, or, I don’t know, go see a movie or something? I’m so bad at this…